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Universal Service Fund - What Is This?


Health Care Providers

The Rural Health Care Program of the Universal Service Fund makes discounts available to eligible rural health care providers for telecommunication services and monthly Internet service charges. The program is intended to ensure that rural health care providers pay no more for telecommunications in the provision of health care services than their urban counterparts. Rural Health Care Program of Universal Service Fund.

The Federal Communications Commission dedicated over $417 million for its Rural Health Care Pilot Program (RHCPP) November 19, 2007 for the construction of 69 statewide or regional broadband telehealth networks in 42 states and three U.S. territories.

Does the Government owe your Hospital money?
There is a Government program dedicated to help rural hospitals to lower their monthly Internet, data and telecom services.  We can help you get discounts that are in excess of 75% of your monthly costs. The Universal Service Fund has approximately $400 million available for funding, however presently utilizing less than half of what is available. This is in large part due to difficulty in filing the applications and getting approved.

We can guarantee to get your services approved for discount.  Does your Hospital need additional funds for new equipment or services?  This is a great way to pay for them. This is free money waiting to be claimed.

USF Healthcare Consulting has been helping hospitals obtain discounts on their telecommunication and Internet charges for the last 6 years through the USF program for rural hospitals.  We are currently helping over 170 hospitals with their applications.
Do you have Mileage Related services, T3’s,T1’s, PRI’s, DSL, Frame Relay, Centrex, DID’s? You may qualify for large monthly discounts on these services. The program involves 3 to 4 applications that must be filed to be awarded funding.  USF Healthcare Consulting will be your one point of contact to get you the funding.  We will file all the necessary paperwork, answer all necessary questions to get approved, and follow up to make sure you receive the credits from your vendors.

Service Providers

The Rural Health Care Program reimburses telecommunications and Internet service providers for services provided to rural health care providers. While health care providers apply for these discounts, USAC works in conjunction with service providers to make sure these discounts are passed on to program participants.


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